Shockingly Good Electric Service

It’s almost impossible to live without electricity these days. Whether you’ve got an electrical hotplate for cooking or you’re just charging your phone, people need power. That’s where Analyze Electrical Contractors comes in. Our team is fully licensed, insured, and trained—we’ve got you covered on everything from electrical panel repair to chandelier installation. So when you need a spark, call us.

Our Services

Do you ever flip the switch, but your light won’t turn on? We do light fixture repair. We also do wiring repair, which is often the problem in those situations. If you ever find yourself without power and you need it back expeditiously, call us—we do power restoration. Tired of dealing with power strips and extension cords? We offer outlet installation, so you can plug in where you need to. Whatever you need, from smoke detector installation to socket repair, we can do it.

Analyze Electrical Contractors

Business Hours: Open sundown to sundown—we are available to serve you 24 hours a day.

Service Area: We offer a 24-hour electrician service! Our shop can be found in Boston, while we provide services throughout the county of Suffolk County.